Stop greasing palm of court staff

                                   “Corrupt practices are on a rampage in our judicial system. For instance, if someone wants to get back surety papers or a certain amount of cash deposited as surety, after the final conclusion or at any stage of a legal proceeding, he or she is forced to grease the palms of the court staff at every level. The staff of our judiciary is immersed in the lust for money and takes bribes as if they are entitled to it as a ‘right’.

Nobody can get his or her work done without greasing the palms of the corrupt judicial staff. The chief justice of Pakistan is requested to kindly take cognizance of this highly deplorable state of affairs that is prevalent in our judicial system. The system needs to be purged and overhauled on an urgent basis.”

                        Hassan Afzaal

Published in The Express Tribune, October 18th, 2015.
The above letter published in the newspaper is not just a concern of an individual but of the entire nation. Every litigant who interacts with any court in the country witnesses the same shameful episode being practiced openly and shamelessly without any sort offears. Even the courts of Anti corruption which, try accused of corruption, are not free from such malpractices by their staff. The Judges even the Chief Justices know this because they have encountered the menace earlier during the tenure of their legal practice. And now when this happens in their courts and offices within their control they ignore and tolerate. It does not mean they approve the menace or they lack means to stop but they lack initiative. 

This menace has been accepted as a tool to get the work done in speedy way specially by the majority of the advocates. Junior members of the bar commit the sin openly in courts and seniors do this in their offices through other methods such as employing such staff in their private offices as part time employees in different capacities. In courts they also ask their clients to pay Chai Pani to the corrupt court staff, a type of euphemism dressed up a dodgy payment as a friendly favour done by the bribe-payer which, means both “tea” and “bribe”. Double meaning can only help soothe the awkwardness of bribe-paying, but how they can seek Mercy of God on the Day of Judgment. 

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